The Fu Gambit

A first action-packed novel from film producer Paul Carran
A man is determined to rule the world
But the past pledges two young women to thwart his ambitions
A gripping geopolitical sci-fi fantasy thriller

Two young women, one Taiwanese, the other Maori, the CIA, a megalomaniacal head of a multinational corporation and a wondrous dragon meet head-on in this fast-paced first novel by Paul Carran. The story links the Far East with the South Pacific in a gripping tale of the quest for power against the search for truth and understanding of the distant past and its relevance to the present-day protagonists in this science-fiction fantasy thriller set against a background of cutting-edge technology. Madness, murder, cults and corruption steer the plot in surprising twists towards an unexpected miraculous finale.
Paul Carran is based in New Zealand and in recent years he has travelled extensively throughout Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. He has affiliations to the Te Atiawa iwi in Aotearoa New Zealand.   He is currently researching a sequel to Claws of the Dragon.
Claws of The Dragon, The Fu Gambit
is due to be released in December 2014.

They’re Here!

The first print run of the books have arrived.
Click here to order your copy!


The e-book version of Claws Of The Dragon is available from amazon – click here .

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